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Did You Know?

Did you know that the Freedmen’s Bureau records for most states, as well as Freedman’s Bank records, are available online? You can use our maps to see if the records for your area of research interest are online. If they are online, you can follow our links to begin reading right away!

Using the Maps

Please note: the images below are screen shots to illustrate how to use the maps. They are not live maps.

To use the maps here, first click the View Map button for the map you wish to view:

Using the Maps Step One

The map will load:

Using the Maps Step Two

Then use the controls in the upper left corner to enlarge the map (or use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in) until you see your area of interest:

Using the Maps Step Three

Click on an icon near your area of research interest:

Using the Maps Step Four

The link will take you to where the microfilm is online:

Using the Maps Step Five

Click on the link to the section you wish to read:

Using the Maps Step Six

Start reading!

Using the Maps Step Seven

That’s it!

Ready to Start Reading?

You can go to the maps page to get started! We hope the maps will help you access online records more easily, and encourage you to explore these very rich record sets. Happy reading!

If you find an ancestor in the records, we would love to hear from you! Please use our Contact Form to let us about your finds!