Within Roll 84 of South Carolina Freedmen’s Bureau records is a register of patients at the hospital at Hilton Head, SC. The register records the date of treatment, name of patient and ailment. Although there are column headings for race, age and gender, the information recorded under those column headings does not seem to correspond to the column heading (for instance, under race some entries contain the letter “L” and under age and gender, some entries are “W,” and “B”).

Only the sample image is transcribed here. The register, which is 208 pages in length, lists the names of many more patients. You can view the entire document on FamilySearch here.

When AdmittedNames of PatientsColorAge and SectName of DiseaseWhen DischargedWhere Treated
Oct 1stMary YorkBWFebris IntermittentOct 23dHome
"Haris CannBMThypho Malarial FeverOct 22dOffice
"Hannah BostockLWFebris RemittentOct 25thHome
"Mike WilliamsLBVariola InterpunctaOct 24th"
"Ned BostockLMVariola InterpunctaOct 24th"
"Bob BostockLMDiarrhoea acuteOct 11th"
"Archy BostockBMDiarrhoea acuteOct 14th"
"Roma BostockLMVariola InterpunctaOct 23d"
"Charlott TeamLGVariola InterpunctaOct 24th"
"Clancy TeamBWFebris RemittusOct 26th"
"Rachel BostockLWLabour and DeliveryOct 8th"
"George SmithLMTyphus feverOct 27th"
"Silva ProctorBWQuotidan Intermittent feverOct 22dOffice
"Phebe CannBWFebris RemittusOct 26th"
"Mariah SandersBWTertian Intermittent feverOct 27th"
"Lucy EllisBWProlapsus aniOct 19thHome
"Abraham SandersBBTyphus feverOct 23d"
"Derey EllisLBRemittent feverOct 27th"
"Jenny BostockLGAcute DiarrhoeaOct 24th"
"Sarah BristoLWErysipelasOct 15thOffice
"Richard BanningBMSmall poxOct 26thHome
"Dolla UmphreyLWDebilityOct 27thOffice
"Austin LittlefieldLMCongestive intermittent feverOct 28thHome
2dCatharine ThymeLGDropsyOct 20th"
"Austin MapleBBDiarrhoea acuteOct 10th"
"Caroline WilliamsLGDysentery ChronicOct 12th"
"Peggy NewtonBGRemittent feverOct 24th"
"Lucy MillerBWAsthmaOct 27th"
"Manerva RustsBWDyspepsiaOct 26thOffice
"Mary PetersonLWErysipelasOct 11th"
"Benjamin McDowelLMQuotidan intermittent feverOct 13th"
"David HannonBMRemittant feverOct 15th"
"Edmund WolcottLMTypho malarial feverOct 27thHome
"Daniel CurtisLBInflammation of the bowelsOct 12th"
"Celia PriceBGColicOct 7th"
"Delia PolkLGDiarrhoea AcuteOct 13th"
2dSummersett PhilipLMTyphoid feverOct 17thOffice
"Bob SmithBBQuotidan Intermittent fever"
"Cuffy PetersLBChronic DysenteryHome
"Sam PetersLBRemittent feverOffice
"Susan RunnelsLGTypho malarial feverHome
"Philis PerryBWTertian Intermittent fever"
"Fanny PopeLGRemittent fever"
"Gibbon WrightBMQuotidan Intermittent fever"
"Robert GardnerBBTertian Intermittent fever"
"Bright WarrenLBDropsy"
"Dave MurryLMQuotidan Intermittent fever"
3dEben HaywoodLMTypho malarial fever"
"Paul CapersBMTyphoid fever"
"Ruth ManningLWTertian Intermittent fever"
"Leah BuckerBGRemittent fever"
"Agnes PrestonLWQuotidan Intermittent fever"
"Peter SampsonBBCholera morbus"
"William LoachBMConstipation"
"Ruben WilsonBBCholic"
4thMarvin PrescottBMTertian Intermittent feverOffice
"Rino RiddlsLGDiarrhoea acuteHome
"Enoch WadeBMQuotidan Intermittent fever"
"Willis RoperLMTertian Intermittent fever"
"Seth AndrewsLMRemittent fever"
"Jenny WheatonLWQuotidan Intermittent fever"
"Moses HutchinsonBMTypho malarial fever"
"Horace RobinsLBDysentery Chronic"
"Julia RobinsLGRemittent fever"
"Dederick BostockLBQuotidan Intermittent fever"
"Vance BucketBBDysentery acute"
"Diamond MurryLWRemittent fever"
"Mary WilliamsLWCongestive intermittent fever"
"Benn BryantBMJaundiceOffice
"Lucy RialsBGCholera morbusHome
"Pendar PowersBGDiarrhoea acute"
"Betty FordLGRemittent fever"
Sample Image, Register of Patients, Hilton Head, SC Hospital

Sample Image, Register of Patients, Hilton Head, SC Hospital [1]

Source Citation

[1] “South Carolina, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, 1865-1872,” images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-36672-6558-3?cc=2127881&wc=MFH2-C3D:1017927401,1017932701 : accessed 22 Nov 2014), Hilton Head > Roll 84, Registers of patients at the hospital, vol 1-2, Oct 1865-Apr 1868 > image 5 of 208; citing NARA microfilm publication M1910, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.