The Home Colony at Davis Bend, Mississippi was established by the Freedmen’s Bureau in 1863-64 on land formerly owned by Jefferson Davis and his brother. Residents of the colony farmed some 5,000 acres on the site of the former Davis Bend Plantation, and in 1864 produced a crop valued by Freedmen’s Bureau representatives at $160,000 [1].

The register lists the name, sex, age color, occupation, residence, name of former slaveholder, and former residence of freedmen at the colony[2].

NamesSexAgeColorOccupationResidenceFormer OwnerFormer Residence
Carloline MillsFemale29BlkField HandHome ColonyBenjamin BonyerWilkerson Co., Miss.
Mathew MillesMale12"""""
Anthony Milles"8"""""
James Milles"3"""""
Lizzie BonyerFemale20"""Henry BonyerCopiah
Mary A Bonyer"3"""""
Lucy Godbow"48"""Frak Godbow"
Aleck GodbowMale13"""""
Harry Godbow"10"""""
George Godbow"7"""""
Anderson Godbow"8"""""
Manda GodbowFemale9"""""
Maria Godbow"1"""""
Eliza Thomas"20"""Louis DangfieldJeff. Co, Miss.
Mary Thomas"1"""""
Laura Roberson"57"""Clem WatsonMaderson Co., Miss.
Anna Roberson"17"""""
Mary Baldwin"22"""Letty T. MamelltonJefferson Co., Miss.
Percilla H Hamelin"1"""""
Frank Beryo"15"""Frank GodbowCopiah Co., Miss.
Amelia Godbow"1"""""
Flora Curry"20"""John CurryFranklin Co., Miss.
Alick CurryMale1"""""
Bell JanuaryFemale20"""Wade HarrisonJefferson Co., Miss.
Manda Williams"24"""Dick CareletCopiah Co., Miss.
America WilliamsMale24"""Daniel Ashburne
Francis McDanielFemale34"""John McDanielFranklin Co., Miss.
Clarkson McDanielMale8"""""
Lee McDaniel"12"""""
Johnson McDaniel"7"""""
Catherin McDanielFemale13"""""
Sarah McDaniel"16"""""
Mary A Edwards"50"Cook"C[illegible] EastusAdams Co., Miss.
Butler EdwardsMale10""""
Angerlin GainesFemale35"Field Hand"Benjamin HenryJefferson Co., Miss.
Caroline Gaines"8"""""
Isabella Gaines"8"""""
William GainesMale7BlkField HandHome ColonyBenjamin HenryJefferson Co., Miss.Child
Lydia GainesFemale4""""""
Celia Gaines"1""""""
Nancy Butler"45"""Aleck Bo[illegible]Adams Co., Miss.Sol wife for duts
Betsey Butler"16"""""Child for duty
Harriet Butler"13""""""
Lucinda Butler"11"""""Child
Anna Butler"5""""""
Milla Johnson"19"""Jarrad Branston"Sol wife for duty
Leah Baker"50"""""Unfit for duty
Stanly BakerMale9"""""for duty
Horace Drody"4"""""Child
Phenbie CristmasFemale50YellowHouse Servant"James Woods"For duty
Henrietta Cristmas"15Brown""""
Al[illegible] Cristmas"9"""""Child
Joseph CristmasMale12"School Boy""""
Frank Cristmas"8""""""
Celena CristmasFemale6"School Girl""""
Maranda Roberson"25BlkField Hand"A SarersAlabamaFor duty
Albert RobertsonMale7"""""Child
Clinton RobertsonMale1"""""
Lucinda AlbersonFemale70"""Lemuel CormorAdams Co., Miss.Unfit for duty
Peter AbersonMale11"""""Child
Moses Aberson"8""""""
John Aberson"5""""""
Sarah GravesFemale24"""Joe SesionsLouisiana Com. Co.For duty
Reachel Brooks"50"""James Gulesper" Commerce Co.
Sarah Harvy"20"""Benjamin HenryJefferson Co."
Louisa Rine"16"""John HamelLouisianaSol wife for duty
Cora McCarty"12"""""Child
Decy Rice"1""""""
Harriet Hudson"21"""Benjamin HarrisJeff. Co, Miss.Sol wife for duty
Milly Hudson"6"""""Child
Clarey Hudson"2""""""
Rechel P[illegible]"34"""Emily GolbowWillson Co., Miss.Sol wife for duty
Mary Yates"32""""""
Jem Yates"6""""""


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